The Details




These are the details I'm most interested in photographing whether I find myself at a wedding, a family session, or a birth.

My eye is immediately drawn to the personalities that surround me, and the imagery that is created when authentic guestures result from honest moments. 

I specialize in delivering storytelling images that represent non-contrived moments of the human experience, where you and those you love are the focus.

If this sounds like what you seek in a photographer, we need to connect! 

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It’s the little moments, the fleeting moments of a mother running her fingers through her son’s hair or the way sisters giggle while they dance in the sun's setting light that draw me in. These gestures are so common and may seem so small, yet make the most beautiful pieces of art in your home. 



Do you know what I love most about weddings? It's that weddings lead to marriage. Couples who contact me are, no doubt, pumped about hosting an epic celebration for family and friends, BUT they are more excited about their marriage. Oh sure, those little details of flowers, the sweets buffet and table settings all create amazing ambiance, but what I'm more interested in is photographing relationships, interactions and emotions that unfold on the first day of your marriage. If I just described you to a T, we need to talk!



If birth photography doesn’t capture the true essence of the human experience, I’m not sure what does. And, while I’m sure you’ve gotten questionable looks and comments about your choice to have your child’s birth photographed, rest assured, I totally understand WHY this is so important to you.