You live your life, and I’ll photograph your life’s best moments. Together, we’ll create art!

Hey, friends! Let's get this straight right from the start, we are friends, ok? After all, I'm a hugger of people, trees and puppies, so be prepared to hug it out when you come into my line of sight! I love the freshness of mornings – the purest light in the sun's rise, the quiet, the blank canvas of the day. Being awake by 5 a.m. is my guilty pleasure. At least once a week, you'll find me in my kitchen making cookies with the brothers, or perfecting the texture of homemade pasta with my husband, Derrick. We make a mean carnita dish over here, too. Oh, and s'mores, we love those, as well. Why don't you just get over here for dinner al fresco, ok?!! You're invited, always. Truly. Ask my friend, Angela. If you stop over for what you think is just a couple minutes, you'll end up staying for dinner under the patio lights. I promise. Let's cross paths, friend. Let me ask you 1,000 questions and make imagery of you living this life. Let's curate your human experience together.

follow me on instagram, i'm a grammer of all things life living – my art, what i eat, where i go, and who i surround myself with while adventuring on my chosen path!


Everyone has a story. Let's tell your story together. 

It will be fun. 

I promise!